What If… You watched Disney+’s Newest Series?


The Watcher, voiced by Jeffrey Wright, from Marvel Studios’ “What If?” series on Disney+. (Marvel Studios/Disney+/TNS)

By: Andrew Thrift

Marvel Studios has a new show out on Disney Plus: “What If.” After the events of the multiverse splitting at the end of Disney’s “Loki,” “What If” takes a look into the branches of the multiverse if the heroes we knew and loved didn’t come to be.

Episode one takes a look into the creation of Captain America and if he never got the super soldier serum, Peggy Carter did. Voiced by Hayley Atwell, the episode shows Captain Carter with a shield with the English flag on it.

“What If” brought back many of the actors from the cinematic universe. Sebastian Stan, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Karen Gillian and Jeremy Renner to name a few, all reprised their roles as their characters. The series also has Chadwick Boseman’s final credit as he voices his iconic character, the Black Panther.

With episodes releasing every Wednesday, the nine episode series brings new light to characters that might make an appearance in upcoming projects like ‘Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness,” season two of “Loki “or “Spiderman No Way Home.” With the multiverse officially open and making its way into the cinematic universe with “Spiderman No Way Home” bringing in 2002 “Spiderman’s” Alfred Molina as Dr. Otto Octavius, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has never been so uncertain.

“‘What If” makes me nervous about the Marvel universe. When I saw that Thanos makes an appearance as a good guy in episode two, I was shocked that Marvel would take such a hated character and humanize him,” said sophomore Chloe Cramer “I am really looking forward to seeing if the evil Dr. Strange from episode four will make an appearance in the new ‘Spiderman’ or even in the next ‘Doctor Strange’ movie.”

The series has been confirmed for a second season which leaves viewers wondering, what if..?

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