Pembroke Activities Council Host Laser Tag Event


    Members of Pembroke’s Activities Council participating in Inflate-a-Fun. PN Photo/Kaleb Lowery

    By: Kaleb Lowery

    September can sometimes be a dull time of the year for students due to the possible lack of events both on and off campus, so the Pembroke Activities Council decided to organize Inflate-a-fun, a laser tag event for the students of UNCP.

    The Pembroke Activities Council held the event on September 22.

    Inflate-a-fun was scheduled for Lumbee field, but inclement weather forced it indoors to the auxiliary gym.

    “The purpose of this event is to give students something to do on campus, something fun so that they are not just sitting in their rooms and gives them something to do besides schoolwork.” Said Junior Samuel Bowen who helped organized the event.

    The event was advertised on the Pembroke Activities Councils social media accounts and Brave Connect and was open to any student who wanted to play a round of laser tag.

    When students entered the auxiliary gym, it was full of inflatable objects for them hid behind when playing laser tag.

    Once the students were given their laser guns and organized into red and blue team, the gym would be full of the exciting sounds of the music being played, laser blasts and students running around.

    “I would definitely say this was a success and being that we marked well and put out a flyer on our Instagram page on the UNCP pack and definitely people as they came through as they attended and played the laser tag, so it was a great event,” said Shelby Perry a sophomore and member of the Pembroke Activities Council.

    Jovaun Johnson, a senior student that attends UNCP shared what drew him toward laser tag and the fun that he had after playing.

    “I was walking past from practice I had seen the activity going on inside and I saw everyone was having a good time, so it drew my attention, and it was something that I enjoyed,” Johnson said.

    With the laser tag event having 124 students that showed up to the event along with some of the positive reception’s students had this event was a success.

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