FILM REVIEW: Free Guy Frees Up the Laughter


Ryan Reynolds discovers his world is a videogame in “Free Guy.” (20th Century Studios/TNS)

By: Kaleb Lowery

The idea of someone living in a videogame is a thought that many people have had, and the movie Free Guy explores this idea and shows what a person would do if they found out their world was a video game.

Free Guy is about a nonplayer character named Guy who discovers that his world is a videogame and with the help of a real-life player named Millie they must save Guy’s world from being deleted.

Free Guy is the latest movie produced by Twentieth Century Studios and was released to theaters in mid-August. The movie was directed by Shawn Levy and written by Matt Lieberman and Zac Penn and stars Ryan Reynolds (as Guy) and Jodie Comer (as Millie).

The movie does a good job at making the viewer feel like the world is a modern video game through its visuals and effects that adds objects that could only be found in videogames, like comically large weapons and items like health packs and selection menus.

The music was nondiegetic but fit the movie and made it feel like the soundtrack to a videogame. The sound effects felt organic and used sounds that would be heard in a videogame.

The acting was well done and felt natural. Ryan Reynolds makes the character Guy fun to watch by giving him lots of energy and hilarious line readings that Ryan Reynolds is known for.

The movies script was simple but fresh. It references other video games and has a compelling story that displays what a person would do if they discovered that they live in a fictional world.

But the movie might be hard for casual viewers to get into because of references to other video

“It might be confusing for the average person who doesn’t play videogames but looked like a really good movie,” said Kevin Alvarado a sophomore student at UNCP, who watched the movie.

The film is an enjoyable experience to watch and provides excitement for the viewer with its action scenes and dialogue with plenty of references to gaming and comedic jokes.

“Going into it with no high expectations is what I did with this film but after the movie I came out very satisfied,” said UNCP sophomore Seth Rogers.

The movie was fun and interesting to watch with great acting and visual effects that I could recommend for videogame fans and regular movie goers.

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