After a Year Hiatus, GPAC is Back for Fall 2021


GPAC’s schedule for upcoming shows, with Vanilla Ice being the main attraction this Fall. Tickets for Vanilla Ice went on sale 7 September. Photo/UNCP.

By: Alyssa Hernandez, Managing Editor

Lowry was a semi-finalist on season 3 of “American Idol” and is the lead singer of the Native American Music Award winning band Charly. Photo/UNCP

After having to cancel shows in their 2020 season, GPAC returns on September 10, 2021. GPAC plans to follow all the guidelines set by the CDC and Governor Roy Cooper. James Bass, the Executive Director of GPAC had made decisions about the upcoming season prior to the Delta variant’s arrival.

“We usually have to book our shows a year in advance.” He also said, “Our only restriction is indoor mask-wearing,” Bass said.

Currently GPAC will have their shows at full capacity. However, Bass is prepared to add more restrictions if necessary. When making the decision to reopen Bass looked at other theatres around the state, so GPAC could reopen safely. He has also rescheduled some of the shows that were canceled from the 2020 show season.

One of the rescheduled shows from last year is “Craig Karges” magician and mind reader. This show will mark the official start of the 2021 season.

Bass is not worried about capacity for their first show of the season. He is worried however about the Vanilla Ice homecoming show in a few weeks, given that cases of the delta variant are rising.

“The first show I think will have plenty of room. It’s the homecoming show I am worried about due to rising cases. We will have to think strongly about that,” Bass said.

Johnathan Drahos, Director of Theatre, has had his actors following all the guidelines set out by the CDC and governor, regardless of vaccination status.

In addition, he has also held rehearsals outside. Over the summer, the theatre department
did a production of “Strike of the Wind” completely outside.

“It is a very challenging time, but we are proving we can safely perform our shows despite that,” Drahos said.

Bass and Drahos both support individuals getting vaccinated.

Students should expect the new shows featured at GPAC this fall to be filled with excitement and talent from across multiple genres. Ticket prices will vary from show to show. For the opening show on Friday, September 10 the magician Craig Karges will make an appearance on the stage with tickets ranging from $15 to $19. The show will begin at 7:30 p.m.

For any students who missed out on the online performances last year, they can still visit the school website to view and enjoy the multiple recorded sessions, including local artist Charly Lowry, and the UNCP Theatre production of “Macbeth.”

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