Dr. Veronica Hardy: Transforming Lives through Writing


    By Lakota Craft, Reporter

    Published March 14, 2021

    Dr. Veronica Hardy has dedicated her academic and professional career to sociological work, more specifically, the field of human trafficking and anti-trafficking intervention. From a young age, Hardy was interested in understanding human behavior, how it creates different ways of thinking across humanity and how people cope differently with their situations.

    These childhood interests turned into an adult career path. Before earning her doctorate, Hardy had a private counseling practice in Pennsylvania where she explored various areas of social work and pushed the boundaries of her interest.

    While working at her practice, Hardy found herself wanting to reach out to people beyond the confines of her office and out to those in the community. She also wanted to make sure that she was staying up to date about the theory, counseling techniques, and various types of practice methods.

    This combination of desires led her to pursue a doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision Program at Regent University. Also, while at Regent, Dr. Hardy developed a great interest in teaching. This led her to Colorado State University as well as Colorado Christian University. At Colorado State University, she taught research and statistics courses in the undergraduate social work program. At Colorado Christian University, she taught courses related to diversity and counseling techniques inn the mental health counseling program with a spiritual integration.

    Currently, Hardy is a social work professor at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

    “Dr. Hardy helps students find their passion for learning and to critically analyze and find solutions to several social issues confronting our nation … [she] is a great mentor to many faculty members and students, [and] is always willing to share her immense experience and advice on teaching, research, and professional issues,” says Dr. Yale Kodwo-Nyameazea, the Department Chair of Social Work.

    “As an African American female I decided that I may not have been able to do anything for my ancestors who were oppressed through slavery, but I could do something now for those who are experiencing this form of current-day slavery. As a result, I have both a personal and historical commitment when it comes to human trafficking,” said Hardy, whose written work tends to focus on the existence of human trafficking.

    While bringing awareness to the issues surrounding human trafficking, Hardy strives to stay in alignment with the word of God. By practicing her faith, she aims to provide a sense of hope, healing, and ways for her readers to move past things that may be hindering them or holding them down. This way, they will be able to experience life more freely and true to themselves.

    Through her writing, Hardy wants others to realize that they are not defined by others’ expectations and definitions of life. There is no shame in who they are, and there is beauty in differences.

    Her upcoming book, “Becoming Un-Tangled” focuses on the trauma that resulted from the year 2020 and the many unique life situations that stop people from moving forward. The intention of the book is to encourage people to enjoy the year 2021 and the new seasons of their lives.

    Dr. Veronica Hardy’s work is focused on human’s behavior and our unique coping mechanisms, especially during the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Submitted Image/Veronica Hardy.

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