Wellons Hall Set for Demolition


Lt. Col Daniel Stone, a sophomore at UNCP in 1989 was a resident of Wellons Hall. Image/The Indianhead Yearbook, 1989.

by Mahala Treish, Reporter

Published Feb. 17, 2021

Over the last couple of years, UNCP has been looking to make changes to its campus. These changes would update and grant students with new experiences and a more secure campus for everyone. An email sent by Virginia Teachey, Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration to faculty and staff provided information on the demolition of Wellons Hall.

“The university has undergone an extensive analysis of the state of Wellons Hall and has scheduled it to be decommissioned in the coming year after 56 years of service to UNC Pembroke,” read Teachey’s email.

Wellons Hall, in 1965, was named after Dr. Ralph D. Wellons as a tribute the great things he did for UNCP. The university feels it is in the best interest of students and faculty to bring down the out-of-date building.

Many people will miss Wellons Hall due to all the memories made there through its 56 years. It used to be a men’s residence hall from 1965 to 2001. Alumnus Lt. Col. Daniel Stone shared a memory he had made at UNCP.

“In 1986, my two first roommates David and Jackie Lowry who I am forever calling my heroes … the GOAT was one of my friends named ‘Moon Dogg’ we always had the best times,” said Stone, recalling one of his fondest memories.

Stone mentioned that he made relationships that were ones he would never forget. Stone is saddened by the demolition of Wellons Hall but understands UNCP wants to move on to bigger and better things. He can’t wait to see what the university has in store and the greatness that is soon to come.

Image of Wellons Hall outside of The CARE Resource Center. PN Photo/Mahala Treish.

Wellons Hall is where the CARE Resource Center, storage spaces, and practice areas for musicians reside. When Wellons Hall is torn down these organizations, storage and people will have to find a new space. Christie Poteet, Director for The Office for Community and Civic Engagement, which oversees the CARE Resource Center shared what the center intends to do for the future.

CARE will be moving to the Magnolia and Dogwood Building, located right beside the Global Engagement house on June 14.

“Since we started the CARE Center in 2013, we always knew Wellons was on the list of buildings that would potentially be demolished. So, it was not a surprise when we were told about it. Of course, the move will be stressful, but I think it will give us a new opportunity to better serve our students,” said Poteet.

Poteet’s biggest concern is making sure students know where the CARE Center is moved to and that the CARE Center is here for all students and willing to help. The CARE Center had 75 students come in just the first week of classes, so the university understands and values the importance of the resource center.

As the year moves forward, the university will begin the process of tearing down Wellons Hall. The university will put up an honorary plaque for Dr. Ralph D. Wellons to make sure his contributions to UNCP do not go unnoticed after the demolition.

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