Students Start Counterprotest to Support Chancellor


    Counterprotesters show their support for Chancellor Cummings. PN Photo/Alyssa Hernandez.

    On the second day of UNCP students calling for Chancellor Robin Cummings’ resignation, another demonstration formed to support the chancellor. There were approximately 10 people at the counterprotest. Counterprotesters said he did the right thing by going to the Trump rally in Lumberton.

    The counterprotesters stood peacefully across the street from the demonstration at Lumbee Hall. Both sides occasionally yelled at each other, but there were no physical altercations. The counter-protesters wore masks and appeared to maintain social distancing. On the plaza in front of Lumbee Hall, the original protestors performed several line dances during the night that brought many of them relatively close together.

    UNCP junior Jillian Shroyer said, “It does not matter what side you are on politically. We are not here for a political reason, just to support the Chancellor.”

    Both groups have started petitions to further support their causes. Both sides are using for their protest. They can be found on Instagram at savannah.callie and nsccofuncp.

    The petition supporting the chancellor was started by Savannah Jones. Jones, a senior, did not participate in the counterprotest but said she would consider it if the petition doesn’t help.

    “I do not want to cause friction or drama with anyone. It was not the best place to protest as they were face-to-face,” Jones said. “I feel like that would cause drama.”

    Jones said Chancellor Cummings can bring a lot of growth to this campus and credited him with the low tuition at UNCP. (UNCP participates in the state’s low tuition plan known as “NC Promise” with two other schools in the UNC system.)

    Sophomore Zachary Mayo provided this personal message for the chancellor: “I would like to personally say to the chancellor, I am sorry you have to go through this.”

    Sophomore Zachary Mayo supports Chancellor Cummings’ attendance at President Trump’s rally. PN Photo/Alyssa Hernandez.

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