Faculty Spotlight: Dr. David Kalonji Walton


    The day in the life of Dr. David “Kalonji” Walton is one filled with involvement with his UNCP students. From his classes to after-hour functions, some students can count on Walton to be there to aid and assist as an advisor, leader, professor and an ear to listen. He gives the student body many knowledgeable and self supporting stories of black history. This year, he won an award from The National Council for Black Studies for Outstanding Leadership and the Promotion of Africana Studies. With all that he does on campus, he still finds time between grading papers and assignments to offer the less fortunate and those unable to provide for themselves dinners and services to help them strive for success at UNCP.

    Q: What do you provide to the students of UNCP?

    DW: Beyond classroom instruction, I advise and push students to be more active and self-confident.

    Q: What is your goal for the students here?

    DW: The goal for me would be that every student is successful in the goals they set forth to achieve.

    Q: What drives to engage with your students?

    DW: My passion for black history and the passion to see the positive development of students.

    Q: Would you mind telling me the toughest challenge for you when it comes to this campus?

    DW: The toughest challenge for me is breaking through the barrier of the inability to connect with students. Walton encourages every student to use the resources available, such as the library, because these resources can “take you farther than you can imagine.”

    [PN Photo/Brian Pridgen]

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