Creating Art With Individuality


    “Spectrum of the Arts” was held in the UC Lounge from 6-9 p.m. on April 9. The Student Government Association (SGA) sponsored the event along with the Art Club and Inkwell.

    “Tonight is about coming to showcase your individuality and being proud of who you are,” said Blake Carney, president of Spectrum.

    The event tied into their event earlier that day called “Are You Proud of Your Sexuality/Gender Identity?”

    Spectrum hosted an art gallery with an open mic for the public to express their sexuality and gender identities. Inkwell and Spectrum members came together and presented poems to the audience.

    The purpose of that event was to give out information on different sexualities. Spectrum wanted those who attended to reflect and be empowered by their individuality.

    [PN Photo/Daniel Arrington]

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