Movie Review: ‘Us’ Breaks Records While Dominating the Box Office


In its debut weekend ‘Us’ by Jordan Peele was able to gross $70 million, making it the second-largest debut of the year only behind Captain Marvel ($153 Million). ‘Us’ has earned the largest box-office performance for an original horror film.

The movie was Peele’s second psychological thriller to hit the theaters.

The film received a lot of attention and hype after the first trailer was released on Christmas of last year.

The film stars Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, who were both apart of the star-studded Black Panther cast. The film centers around a family on vacation in Santa Cruz, Calif. who are attacked by doppelgängers or “tethers” and they must find a way to defeat them before the tethers ‘take their place’ on the surface.

There were numerous Easter eggs and clues spread throughout the film’s 2-hour runtime that tie together with some of the open-ended questions left with the audience at the end.

Since its release, ‘Us’ has created confusion amongst the audiences who have viewed it.

As previously discovered with Peele’s directorial debut Get Out, Peele is a big fan of leaving loose context for fan-interpretation but this approach has left some feeling like the film doesn’t make sense and needs more explaining.

The film includes a controversial plot twist that left some audience members stunned. Some UNCP students believe the movie makes a person think and it shouldn’t matter how it ended.

“I messed with ‘Us’ heavy. I lowkey want to go see it again. People love to call a movie trash or bad because it isn’t like the basic movies. They want everything to be spelled out to them and don’t try to go past the surface level of it and really think,” sophomore Jimere Rudolph said.

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