SGA Proposes Transportation Ideas for Students to Improve Parking


    Last year, the Student Government Association passed a proposal that was intended to evaluate UNCP’s parking issues and how students engage in transportation around campus.

    The ‘Alternative Campus Transportation Act’ called for numerous changes to the ways students traveled around campus and to the local community.

    Additionally, the transportation act also funded the purchase for an additional 14 bikes for the bike share program.

    The proposal suggested that UNCP’s administration expand the shared bike rack program to off campus housing as well as on campus housing. Currently the bike rental program is limited to the University Center as students can rent bikes from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

    SGA created this proposal “with the intention of increasing the availability of alternative transportation for students.”

    While SGA cannot implement policy changes affecting the campus itself, they can pass proposals recommending courses of action to other administrative bodies around UNCP.

    According to senators, SGA received student complaints related to parking more frequently than any other issue the campus is facing currently.

    SGA continues to promote new ways for students to travel to campus and into the local community. Further proposed solutions included assigned parking spots for students with residential parking passes, and community service as payment for parking ticket fines.

    Last month, a faux UNCP page on twitter called ‘UNCP Confessions’ allegedly posted by a student called for banning freshmen from having cars on campus.

    PN Photo/Micheál DeMers

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