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UNCP Holds 2018 Braves Scholars Awards

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On Sep. 29, at 10 a.m., a total of 928 students and family members assembled at Givens Performing Arts Center to attend the Braves Scholars Awards, held by the Center for Student Success, to honor students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Derek Oxendine, director of the center for student success, opened the ceremony by thanking families and students for gathering to celebrate academic success and achievement. Oxendine then introduced Chancellor Gary Cummings for his opening remarks to students during the program.

“Success begins with you,” Chancellor Cummings said to students. “Success in life requires making good decisions, but it also requires hard work.”

Cummings then spoke on the importance of honoring those who helped support and propel students forward. He stressed that honoring those who paved the way for success before students meant not only remembering ancestors and all of the hard work of parents and others who helped contribute, but remembering to say “thank you” and to continue working hard.

Following Cummings, was keynote speaker and Vice Chancellor for Advancement, Dr. Bryan Robinson. Robinson shared the story of an underprivileged first generation student. He asked students what the importance of college was and if it would all really be worth it. Then he answered that college, in many ways, saved his life as the underprivileged first generation college student he once was.

Robinson encouraged students to continue working hard, while embracing the qualities of integrity and hard work. He also stressed the importance of asking for help if needed. For, those things all contribute to success.

From there, students made their way to the stage and at the sound of Associate Professor and Director of Theatre, Dr. Jonathan Drahos’s voice, walked across the stage to receive their certificate, handshake and congratulation from the Chancellor, before one final handshake and congratulation from David Ward, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, upon exit.

Three categories of Braves Scholars were honored for their efforts, the categories were classified by their GPA. Bronze scholars were students with a GPA of 3.00-3.39. Silver scholars were those with a GPA of 3.4-3.69. Gold scholars were students with a 3.7-4.00 GPA.

Of the 1,428 who were invited, 307 Braves Scholars Award recipients attended, inviting a total of 621 guests with them to celebrate their success.

162 bronze scholars, 78 silver scholars and 53 gold scholars were in attendance.

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