The Office for Diversity and Inclusion Promotes Safe Space for Students


    The office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) here at UNCP focuses on promoting an environment that is inclusive, respectful, and diverse.

    This can help students prepare for a future in a very diverse and multicultural society, workforce, etc.

    The director of ODI, Dr. Robert Canida II, Ph.D., stated that “Having this job allowed me to change lives through diversity and inclusion.”

    The ODI wants students to be open and comfortable with themselves around others, for it is important that students are comfortable in their learning environment.

    In addition, the office encourages students to embrace their individuality, by holding programs such as Braves Dialogue Series, where students can discuss beliefs and opinions in a safe space in an open forum setting among peers.

    In doing so, the ODI strives to make sure that everyone has a sense of belonging by stressing a sense of inclusiveness with all programs, events, clubs and more on campus.

    Being that UNCP is a very diverse school within itself, the office seeks to continue to foster a rich sense of diversity among the student body by reaching out and offering students a safe space to further express themselves.

    Two students were asked about their experiences with the ODI.

    “It changed my complete world view realizing this college experience is about more than just the diversity that we see” says senior, Paul Anderson II.

    Junior student Brett Nicholson stated that, “Working with the ODI family, it has been a rewarding experience, because it allowed me to bring my voice, my background and my whole self into present and future programs.”

    In the future, the ODI plans to expand itself in order to reach more students.

    For more information on the ODI, visit

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