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How to Stay Connected as a Commuter Student

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As a commuter student, it can be challenging to stay connected with things happening on campus. When you have a job, family obligations, children, etc., school can easily begin to take a back seat on your list of priorities.

[Don’t allow this to happen.]

Although you may or may not live on campus, there are ways to stay connected and not lose sight of the college life.

Here are a few ways that can help you to stay connected to your campus.

Get Involved

In order for you to have a productive college career, you must be proactive, and that means getting involved in activities on campus. With the host of activities, clubs and volunteer opportunities that UNCP offers, you are sure to find something that sparks your interest.

“A good way to stay connected is to attend social events,” said Mrs. Robin Johnson, administrative assistant for the Center for Student Success/New Student Programs.

Attending social events gives you the opportunity to socialize and you will find that many students are in the same boat as you are; don’t ever feel alone.

“To stay connected, I try to attend events on campus,” said Dajhae Smith, a sophomore majoring in Nursing and Physical Therapy.

Attending games is a good way to feel the college spirit and not to mention: it’s just fun.

“I’m a poet and I attend events at GPAC,” said Sey’naa Gardener, sophomore majoring in Marketing and Sales.

Whether you like theatre or end up with a free night that you aren’t busy, stop in to GPAC; you may be surprised at how entertained you’ll be.

Join an Organization

“I think a good way to stay connected is to be a part of a social organization,’ said Brittney Parris, senior majoring in Social Work. “I am the president of ‘I Am Boss’ and it helps me to stay connected,” she said.

Although you may be hesitant to commit to anything at this point, joining a student organization may not be such a bad idea.

You may not be able to attend every meeting or gathering, but the ones you do get a chance to attend will be worth it.

Also, everyone understands if you miss a meeting or two, just communicate to your fellow members and president beforehand on what you have going on and I’m sure they will make provision for you to stay in the loop.

Get a Study Partner

We all know what it’s like to be in the middle of an assignment without the motivation to complete it.

Getting a study partner can not only help you stay on task but it can give you valuable input on your work.

You don’t necessarily have to have the same classes to study together.

Here’s an example: let’s say you wrote a paper for your class and you’re unsure about it; get your study partner to proofread it for you. [At times, as the writer, we tend to miss our own mistakes.]

By allowing someone else to read your work, they can note errors made and can also offer gramatical advice on your essays.

This in return could help the reader better comprehend what you are trying to say as you gain another perspective of your work. [You in return may be a math wiz, and your partner is struggling with understanding a math concept.]

This would give you ample opportunity to analyze their work and help them better understand how to do it. Having a study partner could prevent you from having a rough time in school and you’ll more than likely become the best of friends.

While it may seem like a struggle to stay connected, that there are many fun and productive ways to be involved.

Whether you decide to join an organization or get a study partner, attend a production at GPAC or attend a game, do what you can to be proactive in assuring you stay ‘Linkedin.’

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