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Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra’s “A Night of John Williams” Comes to GPAC

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The Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra serenaded the audience with pieces such as those featured in Disney classics, on Oct. 6 in GPAC. PN Photo/Madison Long

Families, students, and faculty filled the auditorium, on October 6th at 8pm, for a night of graceful music performed by the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra. Each song the orchestra performed was composed by John Williams.

The Director of the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra, Stefan Sanders stated, “John Williams has won more Oscars in the history of film music and is so famous because of the films he has made music for.”

Williams has composed music for movies that we have all heard of at some time such as, “Star Wars” series, “Harry Potter” films, and “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.”

This music would take most people back to these movies, as the Orchestra played it with enthusiasm.

Some of the instruments played were the Flute, Clarinet, French Horn, Harp, Violin, and several more.

The Orchestra performed in the Givens Performing Arts Center, and began the night with the song “Superman March” and everyone in the crowd rose to their feet with hand over heart.

They Continued the Night with “Highlights from Jurassic Park” and “Hymn to the Fallen” from “Saving Private Ryan.”

Sanders also said, “When we play ‘Hymn to the Fallen’ we like to dedicate it to those who have fallen Fighting.”

During the piece, Orchestra members played softly and gracefully.

One fan favorite feature of the evening was “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

“I really enjoyed listening to the music because it took me back to my childhood, and I love Harry Potter,” said freshman student, Greer Thorndyke.

Sanders went on to tell us about a director’s job in the making of film. He stated that while a director is in charge of making a film, the composer is in charge of making the music fit the film.

However, Sanders said, “Steven Spielberg trusted John Williams so much that he said he would work the film around the music, Spielberg believed in the power that Williams Music had.”

One film that Spielberg was in charge of directing was “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.”

The Orchestra then played “E.T. Adventures on Earth.”

Williams has won 24 Grammys, 7 Oscars, 3 Emmys and 4 Golden Globe awards, this exemplifies just how respected and talented John Williams has been over the last six decades and still continues to be.

The performance ended with the “Star Wars Symphony.”

“I had a great time hearing the music from some of my favorite movies,” said sophomore, Kinsey Land.

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