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How to Cope With Distractions Before Finals

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As finals week approaches, students find themselves battling with more distractions. But, in order finish the semester strong, you must free your mind from distractions and time consuming activities.


Parties can be a huge distraction, especially as the semester begins to wind down. Within the week you may begin to notice your social media being bombarded with party flyers. But while students on Snapchat are posing with event tickets and your roommates are discussing the “moves” for the night, do not give in!

It’s okay to attend parties and have fun with your friends, but before doing so make sure your priorities have been attended to. For example, completing those flashcards and studying for your biology final on Monday. No matter how appealing it seems, stay focused.

Personal relationships

Parties aren’t the only thing that can distract you from finals, though. Personal relationships can also take a toll on your studying habits. Whether it’s your partner or your friends, avoid conflicts with them as much as possible.


Breathe, relax and stay positive. No matter how stressful it can be, negativity shouldn’t consume you. When things get tough, keep pushing forward.

Relaxing activities

First things first, take a break from your busy schedule. There are fun activities you can do without getting off task. Adult coloring books, DIY (Do It Yourself) stress balls, and creating self-care packages with snacks dedicated to finals. These activities will keep your hands busy and your mind free.

Take walks

Taking walks on the football stadium track is also a stress-free activity to partake in if you need a break from studying.


I find that while de-stressing, I am always in need of a nice playlist to get me to the finish line. Gather some of your favorite “chill” music and make a playlist specifically for your study week, it’ll make your music search a little less hectic. Remember to take care of yourself and priorities before getting distracted, happy studying!

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