Campus Locations That Make Your IG Pop


    The time has come. It’s finally time to roll out some ‘clout’ on your Instagram. Having ‘clout’ is simply having a power of influence.

    What better way to that, than dropping bomb pictures? As someone who loves to take photos, I can share some of my knowledge in capturing that perfect picture. Having the best location and lighting is the easiest ways to accomplish an amazing post.

    Luckily, you still have time to utilize these places on campus to make your page pop before summer break.

    Water Feature

    This is one my personal favorites on campus. Not only is the water feature one of the top places to take graduation photos because its so recognizably UNCP, but the lighting is also limitless. You can utilize the bridge and other scenery perks, such as the bell tower, and it will make your picture immaculate. Did I mention there’s at least eight turtles now? Animals always get likes!

    Grace P. Johnson Stadium

    Taking group photos at the football stadium/ track is the best way to capture a photo of a bond established at the University.Trust me, something about spring outfits and the football stadium expresses unity. But capturing some quick memories of friendship in this location are definitely frame worthy!

    UC Patio & Annex

    At the UC Patio, the lighting is just right! It may be the most commonly used areas on this campus for Instagram, but who cares! Also, the area in front of the Annex will give you so much space to work with, organize and strike a pose. Sit on the bricks or at the tables on the patio and take some candids. The perfect off guards taken here will give you a boost in those likes.

    Old Main

    Have you seen the azaleas? This building from front to back, is by far one of the prettiest scenes on campus. The scenery and spring weather will make you feel like you’re in a romantic comedy. Sit on the bench outside of the front entrance, with your ‘bae’ and make them feel as captivating as the greenery in this photo.

    Education Building Tables

    Enjoy a chill photo session between 4:45- 5 p.m. at the tables between the Education building and North Hall. A squirrel may even photobomb a photo or two with you!

    The Pavilion

    Right across from the baseball stadium the sun sits perfectly in front of the pavilion. Sit, stand or pose on the stairs, your photos will be nice enough to send to your mom and your grandma. Typically this area is used as a chill spot or during poetry slams, so you can get a feel of the vibe it provides. Rain or shine you can capture the perfect moments here.

    Photo by Brendaly Vega

    Now that you have the perfect locations, here’s some tips to make it all work in your favor. If you fail to take advantage of the sunlight during the day, catch it during sunset hours. I can guarantee your skin will look sunkissed!

    If you happen to have an iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus or iPhone X, utilize the portrait mode offered. It will make the average photo look like a photographer was hired. Don’t forget to utilize apps such as VSCO. The features will really enhance your greatness. Now, get out and snap some shots!

    Tip to Take a Good

    Photo Don’t forget to use the rule of thirds for your portraits!

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