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Small college towns aren’t immune to sex offenders and Pembroke is no exception.

According to the Sex Offender Registry through the NC State Bureau of Investigations, more than two dozen sex offenders live within a five-mile radius of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Sexual crimes that result in an offender being registered can range from indecent exposure, rape, statutory rape to human tracking.

Screenshot taken from Sex Offender Registry, showing all registered sex offenders within a five mile radius of UNCP’s address.

Of the 27 offenders in the five-mile radius around UNCP, the convictions were as follows: nine for second degree rape, six convicted of indecent liberties with a minor, two convicted of sex offense in the second degree and two of sexual battery, one for rape of the first degree, one for sex exploitation of a minor, one for sexual offense with certain victims, one unlawful sexual contact, one kidnapping of a minor, one attempt to induce a minor in sexual activity, one sexual abuse of the third degree and one conviction for taking liberties with a minor.

Robeson County might not be shocked by this number since there are a total of 265 offenders in the county. Robeson County ranks 15th in North Carolina for a total approximate number of sex offenders, tying with Randolf County.

Mecklenburg County has the highest amount of sex offenders in North Carolina with a total of 936 offenders. This does not include the 5,027 registered as out of state or the 2,094 who are incarcerated.

Tyrrell County and Hyde County are among the lowest in the state with only 10 offenders each. The North Carolina Sex Offender registry was created in 1996 and “serves as a resource to help protect and inform the public,” according to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (NCSBI).

North Carolinians can sign up for email notifications for when a sex offender moves within a one, three or five-mile radius of their home. Some parents in Pembroke may be concerned for the safety of their children.

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety website provides information including offender search, public safety and victim services for anyone concerned.

Visit to learn more.

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