Top Ways to Deal With ADHD


There are many ways to deal with ADHD as a college student. However, here are 12 of the best ways to deal on a daily basis.

Attend class

Of course, attending class is not going to help you with your ADHD.

However, attending class can help you build a great relationship with your instructor and shows he or she that you can show up to class and want to learn, and receive help with the information if needed.

Keep in mind that professors will help those that help themselves. In other words, show up to class.

College first, Fun later

As a college student with ADHD we look for entertainment and fun to distract us from our studies.

However, it is always important to get your work done first before enjoying that new Netflix exclusive or going to a basketball game with friends.

Consider using incentives, for instance if you finish this homework tonight you can watch an extra hour of YouTube the following night.

Creating incentives will help you want to do the work.


Try to find a mentor on your college campus that you can sit and talk with on happy and sad occasions.

This can help release stress of the day. Helping an individual with ADHD stay focused on what they need to accomplish and what goals they would like to meet at college.

Calendars As an individual with ADHD calendars are the best purchase a person with ADHD can buy. Calendars can help you organize your thoughts and help you with meeting deadlines, while keeping one’s mind free of stress, rather than trying to remember what needs to be accomplished.

Also, ADHD students should consider a manageable size planner that they can take with them everywhere. Just in case if they remember something while on the go.


While most college students like to enjoy themselves every now and then. It is important to remember that alcohol is still something that could become an issue especially in ADHD patients.

With depression, anxiety we tend to use alcohol to cope with issues of the day. Be careful if you do decide to drink and if a student feels they do have a drinking problem, seek help immediately.

Getting Rest

Getting your rest is very important. Especially being a student with ADHD we must let our minds rest so that it can perform well.

Getting proper rest can help with keeping a person focused in the morning and also mitigate mood swings better than a ADHD student that hasn’t had proper rest. Get your rest.


If a student has decided that medication is the best route for them. It’s important to remember to take your medication as prescribed and not overuse them in stressful situations.

Sometimes it is appropriate to have a couple days off your medication to let your body rest. Unfortunately, some medications won’t let your eyes closed for a second.

Use precaution when taking your medication.

Keep in Touch

Keeping in touch with your parent or guardian is very important because he or she can be your personal coach and push you through good and bad situations.


Exercise is another important area for ADHD college students. Exercising can relieve stress and anxiety.

Exercise can also lower your chances of getting heart disease or diabetes. Some individuals that suffer from ADHD could become morbidly obese because they end up eating to suppress their depression or anxiety.

This is why it’s important to make sure that you put effort into going to get exercise even if it means only walking for 15 minutes a day.


Along with exercising, nutrition is very important. Eating the right foods can not only help you live longer, but also make you feel better.

Eating a proper breakfast in the morning is also very important, because an individual’s body needs the nutrition first thing in the morning to get the brain back in action.

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