Group Counseling to Take Off in Wake of NC Promise


Counseling and Psychological Services is preparing to meet potential expansion needs by increasing the use of group counseling programs before the arrival of NC Promise in August 2018.

“I really believe no matter how many new students that we get, we will really be able to still serve them and give them quality counseling services because we’ve already started this group program that is meant to meet that need,” said LynDee Horne, director of CAPS.

Group sessions are projected to save time, provide resources for students and ultimately eliminate the need for a waiting list.

“We created a few different groups where students can be introduced to counseling and go ahead and get some initial skills for three weeks and then they can go into individual counseling,” said Horne. “After that they can go into more specific individualized treatment. So, it really increases our capacity to serve students and give them services and meet that student need.”

Each group has a specific theme, according to Horne. Additionally, each group counseling session consists of one or two counselors, who meet with a groups of two to eight students at one time.

“For example, we have a yoga group. The yoga group specifically talks about mental health and stress and gives you specific exercises and poses and things that you can do that will help decrease your stress level,” said Horne.

Also, walk-in appointments aren’t expected to change or disappear in the onset of NC Promise. CAPS has increased 20 percent in student services in the last year, according to Horne.

“I think culture in general is becoming more aware of mental health,” she said. “I think us being in our new building has helped because it’s a little bit more anonymous. Students can feel freer to access our services.”

The director expressed optimism on the topic of NC Promise.

“I’m excited. I think it’s a great thing for the university. It’s a wonderful thing for new students and not having to worry so much about those student loans that are going to follow them after their four years here,” said Horne. “I’m looking forward to seeing how it impacts the university and helps us grow.”

In addition to preparations for NC Promise, CAPS plans to facilitate a self defense class called “Rape Aggression Defense (RAD).”

RAD is a six week class that will begin Feb. 15 and continue on Thursdays from 1-3 p.m. in the Student Health Services building.

For more information about CAPS or RAD, contact Student Health Services at (910) 521- 6219 or visit http://www.uncp. edu/shs.

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