Mixed Reactions to Bookstore Hours


Many times throughout the year, students who live on and off campus will miss out on an event or special privilege provided by the university solely because they haven’t heard about it.

This issue is doubled when the student lives off campus and doesn’t get the advantage of residence hall bulletin boards.

Commuter students generally hear about events and updates through email or word of mouth. This comes at a disadvantage, especially when no or few emails are sent out. This semester, the bookstore participated in one of those special events: extended hours.

The bookstore can get a bit hectic around the beginning and end of each semester, which makes those extended hours all the more useful. Thankfully, an email was sent out to inform the student body of these new temporary hours and many students took advantage of them.

The subject of the email read “Spring semester extended bookstore hours.” Several students found that the new hours were convenient during the financial aid period for picking up their textbooks.

“I have classes for most of the day and that didn’t leave me with a lot of time to pick up my books, but with the later hours I had plenty of time to grab them,” said Sam Fenick, a sophomore psychology student.

Although these extended hours allow flexibility for students, some rarely stop by.

“Other than picking up my books and grabbing some supplies for the beginning of the year, I don’t really use the bookstore that often unless my parents visit, so I don’t think it would really benefit me all that much,” said Fenick.

“The later hours had us packed for most of the night,” said a bookstore representative. “We had customers lined to the back all the way up until we closed some nights.”

It was clear that many students used these extended hours which appeared indispensable. This was not the first time the bookstore used extended hours in the first few weeks of the semester.

Unfortunately, the only other time an email was sent to inform students of the new hours was in May 2016.

With how much the bookstore and the students benefited from this communication device, it’s essential that these emails are sent. Without them, many commuter and residential students may never have a chance to take advantage of this assistance.

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