Women Encouraged to Be Sheros at Third Annual Women’s Conference


UNCP hosted its third annual women’s conference on Saturday, Nov. 4 in the UC Annex from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., inviting women, specifically women of color, into sessions of empowerment and strength, as speakers defined true “sheroism.”

Keynote speaker and web guru, Jouelzy, opened the conference with her personal expertise and advice to other women on becoming successful sheroes.

“When people try to challenge you on things that you stand firm on having a firm grasp of your integrity will help you navigate those situations in ways where you can still hold onto your identity and if need be, find the compromise in it or persevere, push ahead, you know, tell ‘em to have some seats,” Jouelzy said.

Jouelzy emphasized the importance of integrity and incorporating it into identity, as well as into “a personal brand.”

Individuals will be more “open minded, consistent” and able to balance whatever challenges come their way by embracing this quality, she said.

Participants of the event were encouraged to attend other breakout sessions such as: Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care: Tips and Tools from Yoga and Mindfulness; The Power of Networking: Asking Professionals for Advice; Are You a Pearl: Developing Emerging Women Who Can Lead Change; Personal Experiences of Being Your Own Shero.

During these sessions, presenters encouraged attendees to dig deep, embrace “authenticity,” be “change-makers,” and to “be fearlessly” themselves as they encounter the challenges within and beyond the professional workplace.

“You are a pearl that needs to be unlocked,” Tsegga Medhin, President of the U.S. National Committee for UN Women (NC Chapter) and founder of the Pearl Institute, said.

“What’s your talent? What is your gift? What would we miss the most about you if you were gone?” Dr. Frankie Powell, associate professor in the Department of Educational Specialties, asked participants. “Therein lies your power.”

Presenters also encouraged women to have a sense of “clarity” and direction in their leadership.

“If you have clarity, you have vision,” Medhin said. “If you have a vision, you have power.”

Robin Johnson, presenter and administrative assistant for the university’s Center for Student Success, also shared her personal experiences with attendees, encouraging college students to be financially aware and commending them for their academic efforts thus far.

Additionally, students in attendance were encouraged to start preparing for professional and personal success by carrying around personal business cards for networking and preparation purposes.

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