Student Films Showcased at Movie Fest


    The University Center Annex held a Campus Movie Fest on Friday, Nov. 3 to celebrate students’ achievement in filmmaking by viewing their short movies.

    Friends and families of the students were in attendance.

    The top 16 films were viewed also by judges who voted on the best film of the evening.

    The awards of the night included jury awards, the silver tripod awards and the audience choice awards.

    The jury award winners were “Here,” “The Warning,” “Decisions” and “Of Trauma.”

    The four jury winners will move on to compete at the TERMINUS Conference in Atlanta, Ga.

    The Campus Movie Fest gave creative students a chance for students to express their feelings about certain issues through film.

    Many of the films discussed the issues that are important to people and their families, including lessons that the creators wanted to teach other students about bad habits, dangerous activities and mental health.

    Topics of the night were issues such drugs, drinking and driving, suicide and more.

    Not only were the films remarkable and distinguished, they also showed how powerful creative productions can be to get a message across to the viewers.

    Though some of the films featured in the Campus Movie Fest didn’t receive an award, all the films received praise – both in the production as well as the acting of students featured in the films.

    The silver tripod award went to the films that excelled in the specific categories including: directing, editing and sound.

    The audience choice award went to the film that brought the most people to the premiere.

    The Campus Movie Fest provided students with a chance to show off their talent of filmmaking and for future filmmakers to get experience in their careers.

    The Campus Movie Fest started in 2001 and is continuing to grow.


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