Bonfire Kicks Off Homecoming Weekend


    Homecoming week was lit up as the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership, along with SGA and the Athletics department, hosted UNCP’s bonfire in the Jones parking lot on Oct. 26.

    The Braves football team was present, as well as the spirit squad, cheerleaders and marching band, as school spirit soared through the sky with the embers.

    “Really wanna thank everyone out here, and the support that you give us. We are excited playing at home this week, we’ve been on the road for a long time,” Head Football Coach, Shane Richardson said.

    “Playing at home, you really feel the energy and get the support from the student section, spirit squad, marching band and all of our fans,” Richardson said. “We really get excited playing at home.”

    A&M’s Red Food Truck Inc. and ‘R’ Burgers both catered the event.

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