Minute Mentoring to Encourage Future Female Leaders


UNCP hosted a Minute Mentoring session on Sept. 28 in the UC Lounge from 4 – 6 p.m.

Minute Mentoring is paving the way for women entering the workplace seeking jobs by making the transition smoother and helping them gain leadership positions, as well.

Association of University Women reported that women have gained success in education and in the workforce in the last 50 years, but men are still ahead of women in leadership positions.

Bethany Wendler, associate director of Student Involvement and Leadership, had positive comments about the event, which focused on female mentorship and encourages sponsorship within the workplace.

According to AAUW, in 2014, about 21 percent of women were superintendents; Minute Mentoring hopes to

change those numbers within all career fields.

There is a lack of networks and mentors for women, but the event connected women with the professors that can help with both.

Founded by Jamie Elise Zuieback, Dana Perino and Dee Martin, the Minute Mentoring program has been a necessity since 2009.

The Minute Mentoring program at UNCP helped build relationships between students and faculty, offering mentorships whenever they need it.

Students are urged to meet with faculty “outside the classroom,” which “deepens the relationship” between students and professors, Wendler said.

The event allowed students the opportunity to see professors in a different light and gain information to assist women who want to enter the workforce.

There were four different professors at the event, each from a different department.

They assisted students in acquiring leadership positions in the field they are studying.

Advice-based conversations occurred between mentors and students, allowing them to connect, ask questions and receive guidance.

The professors granted the women an opportunity to get insight on how to achieve the career goals that women desire, too.

Minute Mentoring helps women that may be seeking leadership roles in business, politics, education or any other field they are interested in, according to Barriers and Bias, written by AAUW.

Dr. Emilia Bak, an assistant professor of Mass Communications at UNCP, was a mentor at the event.

She looked forward to meeting students and hoped the event “gave students connections that they could really use during college and for their goals after college.”

Women want equal opportunities in all fields of work and that is what the Student Involvement and Leadership program wants to accomplish.

For any questions about Minute Mentoring, contact the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.

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