Vanity Affair: UNCP’s Very Own Modeling Troupe


Fashion is in the air one month after students have returned to school. You can catch many students wear summer and fall gear as one season changes into the other.

Trends are being set by students all around the campus, but there is one group of people who are particularly going out of their way to do so.

You could see the women of Vanity Affair Modeling Troupe every Wednesday walking on campus in heels to class, at the involvement fair or maybe you have stumbled across one of their open practices that they hold throughout the semester.

“I was once a part of intrigue modeling troupe. I had my differences with the way the organization was run, and so I decided to go out and start my own,” said co-founder Bryanna Braithwaite. “I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, so two other girls, La’ Jay Adams, Kayla McCarthy, and I started Vanity Affair.”

V.A.M. T (versatile, active, maximal, timeless) is what the members of Vanity Affair pursue.

Vanity Affair is not just an organization for women looking to model, it is also for men.

While they are not holding any other auditions to join this semester, they hope that next semester there will be more men who are interested in the organization.

Vanity Affair has a table every semester at the involvement fair to promote their organization.

They would like to do more around campus and in the community by offering their skills to other organizations for events.

“One thing I would like to see happen more on campus is all the organizations coming together and using each other’s skills, so one thing that we do is try to do collaborate with other organization,” said Braithwaite.

When Vanity Affair was started Braithwaite was the president, but she will be graduating in December. Braithwaite has stepped down and now is vice president. Kayla McCarthy, formerly vice president, is now president.

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