“I Am Boss” Takes On New Meaning


    I Am Boss is a student organization whose impact reaches far beyond campus parameters, through the unique programs it offers members.

    The organization seeks to empower its members to become confident, driven individuals, or “bosses.”

    I Am Boss “develops leaders and promotes academics,” Justice Sincere Boykin, a member of the organization said. “That’s why I consider myself a boss, because I strive to become everything our mission is about.”

    The IAB Mission Statement reads: “We dedicate ourselves not only to motivate academically, but to develop, empower, boost confidence, self-respect and poise.”

    Members get the opportunity to attend workshops meant to prepare them for post-collegiate careers.

    “Through a network of colleagues and alumni, I am able to provide the members developmental workshops such as ‘Like, Love, Lust and Trust, Boss Mentality, Self-Empowerment/Healing, Advising, Resumé and SECU Finances Debt versus Credit,” IAB Founder and Advisor Robin Johnson said.

    As a result of these workshops, members learn how to better navigate both “the real world” and the academic world.

    Also, the organization is involved in outreach efforts both on and off campus.

    For example, IAB reached out to those affected by Hurricane Matthew by setting up in hotels to serve residents, according to BraveConnect.

    Many IAB members cite a positive change in themselves due to the organization.

    According to Asia Harrison, president of IAB, “I feel like I Am Boss helped cultivate me… it helped me with my confidence and to discover my leadership skills.”

    “It has made me become more of a leader…and helped me mold myself into a more productive student,” member Tangie Harris said.

    IAB was inspired by a 2014 celebrity campaign entitled “Ban Bossy.” The slogan was “I’m not Bossy, I Am Boss,” which spoke to Johnson and stirred her to name the organization “I Am Boss.”

    “The campaign was created by Sheryl Sandberg to show that girls shouldn’t be called bossy for having confidence in themselves,” Harris added. “Instead we should ban the word bossy by encouraging young girls to be leaders.”

    Thus, IAB was born.

    “We first started out as a women’s only organization, and now we have grown into a larger organization, and we recently had our first male member join the organization last year,” Harris said.

    The organization “reorganized to establish our ‘Wall Street Wednesday,’” Johnson said.

    Also, the new male members suggested wearing professional dress one day a week.

    “It is a mind set, you dress the way you want to be seen. If you’re feeling sexy, you wear provocative clothing. If you feel like a boss, dress like a boss… wear a suit and tie, dress and heels,” said Johnson. “We’re working on adding something to show off your boss look… I Am Boss will be more visible this year, join us!”

    Additionally, IAB anticipates their annual spring fashion show event.

    “The fashion show’s [purpose] is to build the confidence of full-figure females and males,” said Johnson.

    The organization also involves alumni in event planning.

    “We will support students within our power with their passion of expression,” she added.

    The organization was founded in 2014.

    For more information on IAB, contact Robin Johnson at (910) 521-6243 or stop by Jacobs Hall Suite H, Room 154.


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