Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Fire Breaks Out at Library

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Mary Livermore Library was evacuated and effectively shut down on July 26, due to a fire that broke out in the Mac Lab.

A floor fan sitting on top of a table electrocuted and caught fire. The sprinkler system put the fire out, but the main damage came from the sprinklers, not the fire itself.

The water also damaged some of the computers and the library shut down until Aug. 7 to repair the damages. No one was injured or hurt during the incident due to the sprinklers putting the fire out in a quick and timely manner.

Outside of computer damage, there were no other huge damages to the library. The only other problem was the paint that burned off the walls.

According to Officer Dimery of the UNCP Police Station, the walls were “black” and probably needed to be “painted over” or have the “dry wall replaced.” No other damages were noticeable.

Fortunately, the low damage cost can be attributed to the small size of the fire and it not spreading.

“The flames were about 3-feet wide and the height was probably from about the top of the table to the ceiling,” Officer Dimery said.

Exactly how much the damage cost the university is unknown, but it is expected to be minimal.

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