UNCP Students Pick Chick-fil-A as Favorite Dining Option


    UNCP students made their voices heard about campus dining options. Chick-fil-A came out the campus favorite, although students believe the restaurant is far from perfect.

    In an anonymous survey, UNCP students had the opportunity to answer questions regarding the quality of the new Chick-fil-A on campus and to voice their satisfaction of campus restaurant options, as a whole.

    53 students completed the survey, with 57 percent favoring Chick-fil-A over other campus food stations. Additionally, 39 percent of students rated the cluster of campus restaurant options as fair.

    When asked if Chick-fil-A’s food tasted authentic to the brand or if it reflected the influence of Sodexo, the latter won by a small margin.

    One student wrote, “It tastes fine to me. I see no difference in Sodexo’s influence.” Others strongly disagreed, communicating characteristics of Sodexo’s effects found in the quality of the food.

    “You can tell it’s cooked in the back with the other Sodexo food,” said one respondent. “It’s disgusting.”

    One notable difference students picked up on when evaluating Sodexo’s influence on the campus franchise was the limited number of choices on the menu.

    According to one student, “The number of menu options reflects the influence of Sodexo, but the quality of the food remains unchanged.”

    The idea of limited menu options was echoed throughout the survey by students. One student specifically stated the absence of the Cobb salad, which is their favorite item featured in the classic Chick-fil-A menu.

    Respondents fielded many different ideas for new dining options on campus. Restaurants such as Wendy’s, Cookout, Zaxby’s, Panda Express, Chipotle, or Buffalo Wild Wings were common choices among students.

    However, not everyone wanted to bring in new brands. Some students wanted WOW, the restaurant that preceded Chick-fil-A in the University Center, to make a return.

    WOW , or World of Wings, made its debut in the UC in May of 2014.

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