SGA Grapples with Funding Issues


    Budget and organizational funding issues were at the center of discussions throughout the weekly UNCP Student Government Associate Senate Meeting on March 1.

    Treasurer Michael Baker opened the meeting with a presentation stating that the Student Government Association was in a conundrum after two student organizations have requested money. Braves Fashion and the Cheer Club requested $900 dollars combined, but SGA only had $848 in organizational funding.

    “We can move senate money in order to replenish those funds, that money has to come from somewhere,” said Baker. “It’s going to have to be up to the senate to do that.”

    Baker said that too much money had been going into organizational funding. He asked the senate about their opinion of cutting off the transfer of money to such causes after the day’s meeting.

    “When this money runs out, it’s gone,” said Baker. “I will close out the funding packets, everything.”

    The programming budget, which means funding anything related to programming such as marketing, was the first suggestion from one of the senate members to transfer the money from.

    “Andy has something on the floor for $60, but that would be after the student [organizations] present,” Baker said, referring to the senate’s plan that will transfer a certain amount of money from a specific funding to organizational funding.

    Baker said he is hopeful that the senate will come to an agreement to transfer money for good so he doesn’t have to allocated the money anymore.

    However, the senate found it difficult to come up with an amount of money to transfer. A senate member noted that only moving $60 from programming isn’t enough because there are not enough weeks left in the semester to plan events.

    The motion then changed to $555. The senate later changed the motion to $629.66, then $900, back down to about $250, and increased once again to $750. As a result of the failed motions to transfer funds, the senate motioned for a recess.

    After a five-minute recess, the senate finally agreed to transfer $554.66 from programming to the organizational funding budget.

    The SGA General Election was also discussed at the meeting. The election will be held Wednesday, March 22 and Thursday March 23.

    SGA has Senate meetings every Wednesday at 5:15 pm in Dial Room 225. Anyone is welcome to come watch the meetings and see how the system works.

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