Business School Set for Upgrade


In 1969, the year UNCP took on its previous name, Pembroke State University, the School of Business building was constructed.

With remarkable infrastructure and growing success within the department over the years, the School of Business has stood the test of time. Although among the oldest buildings on campus, the University’s School of Business still effectively educates and trains students who seek success within the business realm.

Still, unlike other newer, more up-to-date educational facilities on campus, the building seems to lack the accommodations and space that the department needs.

Therefore, in order to foster continued success within the department, a new business building is being built.

According to Dr. John Parnell, professor and Belk Chair of Management, the building is in the architectural and design phase. This means that architects and companies are working to build the building, while the interior design is being decided.

Dr. Parnell says that a team of faculty members from the department are hard at work planning and tailoring the interior designs to best serve needs of students and the department as a whole.

He hopes to include more classroom diversity within the design of the new building. This includes the addition of larger rooms, an increase of lecture-styled setting classrooms, conference rooms, along with the department’s very own simulated trading room (which will offer experience to business students on investment security).

With the addition of this new building, Dr. Parnell anticipates growth within both the educational and professional environments of students. These, Dr. Parnell believes, will best prepare them to prosper as they prepare to enter the competitive world of business.

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