Greek Life Brings Campaign to Campus


Greek Life at UNCP continues to excel in their volunteer work and philanthropic duties. UNCP is home to 13 Greek Organizations and are continuing to grow.

Over the summer David Sadler, an Alabama member of Phi Beta Sigma came up with an idea to start a campaign “Hugs Not Hurt.”

The campaign consists of individuals blindfolding themselves and hugging other individuals no matter how they look, skin color or religious background.

On June 26, two members from the Phi Beta Sigma chapter of UNCP Onaje Humbert, an undergraduate member, and Anthony Webster, a graduate member, took the initiative to share Sadler’s inspirational message.

This ties in with one of the chapters slogans “Culture For Service and Service For Humanity”

The two members went to a shopping plaza in Raleigh, North Carolina with only a sign that read “You do not have to fear me, I count. You count. We count. I trust you. Do you trust me? Let’s hug!”

The campaign was a success and they decided to bring the campaign to Fayetteville, North Carolina.

“Love has no vision, so why should we when it comes to what someone looks like. I believe that everyone should show love, be love, and express love as much as possible,” said Humbert.

“With what is going on with all of the news propaganda it can be easy to find things that make you loathe or stereotype a specific race, gender, even a religious group.”

Videos of the campaign can be found on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

WRAL featured the campaign on their news station to help out the members.

“I believe that this could help make a change. I’m not saying the change will be immediate and that’s why we need help from not just Greek Organizations but everyone,” said Webster, in regards to what this campaign meant.

“We may not look the same due to pigmentation differences but we do have one thing in common and that thing is emotion. Everyone possesses emotion and the best one is love. A simple hug can change someone’s day. We have to emphasize love in this hateful world.”

Foxy 99 features Free Hug Monday’s, where they go out into the community and offer free hugs every Monday.

With the recent news about police brutality as well as racism this may be a way of starting a peaceful movement.

The campaign helped bring a great image to the UNCP Greek Life.

“Anyone can participate in this campaign,” said Webster.

“We understand that Brother’s from our fraternity started to spread the campaign but the only way to increase the effectiveness is to increase the numbers of people that participate.”

For more information about “Hugs Nit Hurt” visit the Greek Life Office, located in the University Center suite 225.

You can also visit Phi Beta Sigma’s organization site on Brave Connect at

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