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The Art of Macramé for Under $10

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By: Jillian Shroyer

As a college student, it is easy to get overwhelmed with many stressors throughout the school year. Many people are aware that most students are on a fixed budget, so it can be hard to find things to do that help relieve stress aside from physical activity. This article contains a How-To Guide to make your very own Adjustable (Gem/Rock/Crystal) holding macramé necklace. This Method Creates an adjustable Necklace so you can interchange your desired stones. It’s a great way to de-stress, develop your creative side, and make something beautiful that you can actually wear. This may not be for everyone, but for those looking to get a little crafty and enjoy the art of macramé, this is for you. Below are steps listed to help you along in making your very own Adjustable Macramé Necklace for under $10.00!

Items Needed:

Scissors ($1.00 Dollar Tree)

Wooden Beads ($2.49 Hobby Lobby)

Natural Hemp Cord ($3.98 Walmart)

A Gem/Rock/Crystal you plan to put in the necklace (Whatever you have)

Tape ($1.00 Dollar Tree) or Something weighted to help with tying the knots. (I used a glass filled with my own rocks/gemstones)

Step 1: Choose a Gem/Rock/Crystal that you’d like to wrap. Cut 4 equal strands of the hemp cord or thread that you have. I Used 2X my Arm length per strand (I used my arm to measure the length, the size length of the necklace can vary depending on personal preference. I like mine a little longer with room to work, but please know you’re going to need more than you think as we are tying knots which will shorten your necklace tremendously)

Step 2: Grab your Gem/Rock/Crystal you are choosing to wrap. Measure up one of your hemp strands to fit around the base of the crystal you picked. (If the stone is smooth or polished, make sure the beginning loop will hold the crystal securely. Tie an overhand knot to make the loop.

Step 3: With the 3 other hemp strands you previously cut; you will use a lark’s head knot to attach them to the loop you just made. Tie the knots strategically on the loop to make a neat square shape. (Like a compass, one knot on the N, S, E, W section of the loop.

Step 4: Once you have the basic compass look loop, split the two hemp threads created by the knots and take the neighboring thread to make another overhand knot. You will end up with a triangle shape from each side of the square.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 until you have enough knots to hold the Gem/Rock/Crystal you are wrapping nicely.

Step 6: Once the tip of the Gem/Rock/Crystal has knots in place. Find a bead big enough to slide over all 8 Hemp strands. Once the Bead is on measure how far between the bead you would like it to slide to allow stone adjustment (in and out of the necklace). Once measured. Separate the 8 strands into 2 strands (4 on each side of necklace)

Step 7: Tie an overhand knot with the 4 strands on one side. Tie another overhand knot with the 4 strands on the other side. Make sure the strands are separated correctly and knots are even.

Step 8: Get creative to make the length of the necklace. Braid it, twist it, or Fish tail it and put a knot at the end. You can add a bead to hold the strands if it pleases you.

Step 9: Enjoy your newly made Interchangeable Macramé Necklace!

Final Product Picture

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