Review: F-PLUS’ Performance Gets an A Plus


By Victor Mays, Entertainment Editor

The Department of Music presented the music trio F-PLUS at Moore Hall Auditorium last Thursday. F-PLUS stars Luke Lentini on the Violin, Lucas Gianini on the clarinet.

Graham was the only musician that night to play multiple instruments. He played the drums, keyboard, vibraphone and the rumba. Lentini has been playing his violin since he was three. His violin is an 1850s Ithaca stringed instrument. Gianni’s clarinet is a bass clarinet.

F- PLUS was formed in 2016.The music that F-PLUS plays is very unorthodox. I found the music to be rather quirky and strange, but in a good way. It does not sound like everyday music. Every song that was played managed to be unique while carrying that same quirky feeling.

Each piece had a series of instrumental notes that were just dropped in random places that made the music sound different.

The fourth piece played, “Sempre Dolce” was the standout song. That song got a few people in the audience to give a standing ovation and definitely had the longest applause.

The music is similar to video game music. Especially when they tried to build tension in the middle of their songs. Their second song was written by Liza Sobel Crane specifically for F Plus.

This song changes tone and pace quite a few times throughout making it a very unusual but engaging song that keeps you on your toes. The audience seemed to really enjoy themselves.

“The music was really interesting and cool. As a music major I thoroughly enjoy watching people who are great at playing instruments do just that.” senior Brandon Wamak said.

One of the best parts of F-PLUS is just how diverse the music is with limited instruments. Every song is unique.

“Their music is very virtuosic and has such a great repertoire. A great show to watch.” said Professor Joseph VanHassel.

One of the things that F-PLUS likes about their group is that they commission their own music.

All the music they play was written for them specifically.

Four out of the five songs they played that night were written for them by various artists such as Christopher Stark, Liza Sobel Crane, Jessie Montgomery and Matthew Barneson. The final song was written by Kevin Puts in 2001.

I would recommend this F-PLUS to anyone who is a fan of different types of music and doesn’t mind unorthodox and unusual songs.

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