Workshop Helps Students Be Their Best Self


    The Best Version of You was held to encourage students who are currently on academic probation. Image/Academic Engagement

    By Michaela Tisdale, Promotions & Social Media Manager

    “The Best Version of You” covers the difference between wellness coaching and the program “Students Obtaining Academic Resilience.”

    SOAR is a program on campus that aims to provide growth and support for all students at the university. It provides academic coaching to enhance school and life skills.

    Both of these programs are offered on campus.

    Academic success coach Tyler Oxendine delivered a virtual workshop on April 4th followed by a question and answer portion primarily for students on academic probation.

    The goal of the presentation was for students to learn and stay connected.

    Oxendine said the workshops are created for students who are on academic probation, but anyone can attend the workshops.

    “Academic success workshops can introduce new concepts in doing things that they may not be aware of and spurring the participants in investigating how to integrate what they learn and adopt it into their own methods,” Oxendine said.

    Oxendine explains how the main goal of the program is to provide a diverse environment and provide services to students, to not only enhance academic and life goals at UNCP, but also after students graduate.

    If students would like to schedule an appointment they can email The office is located in room 324 DF Lowry. The office is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    A few of the academic success coaches in the SOAR program are Sarah Baxley and Amber Phillips. Some of the outcomes that SOAR expects from their students are to improve motivation, improve study skills, deal with dress effectively and establish healthy interdependence.

    Oxendine said that wellness coaching focuses primarily on a student’s wellness or needs aside from academics.

    Students can meet with a wellness coach one on one either weekly or bi-weekly and can last from 30 minutes to an hour.

    Oxendine said some of the topics that wellness coaches can discuss with students, such as wellness stress management, healthy relationships, body image and sleep.

    Sessions are private and lean towards a student’s desired needs to be met. The sessions can be either in person or virtual for wellness coaches to meet with students.

    Academic Engagement and the Center for Student Success provide fundamental resources that help students achieve their goal in becoming their best self.

    The wellness coaching can be accessed in the Brave Health center. Students can contact Jaelyn Wynn by her email at to schedule a wellness appointment.

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