Fool’s Senior Capstone Art Exhibition


Kimberly Creque’s mix media PN Photo/ Anayah L. Peterson

Larry Parker artwork on Charlie’s Angels. Arcylic and woodcut print on a canvas. PN Photo/Anayah L. Peterson
Sabrina Doan’s memorial to Steve, a P.O.C., Piece of Child using ceramics and a toliet. PN Photo/Anayah L. Peterson

By Anayah L. Peterson, Managing Editor

UNCP’s Bachelor of Arts Senior Capstone Exhibition is titled “Fools,” at the A.D. Gallery in Locklear Hall. Seven seniors were featured in the exhibition. The exhibition is named “Fools” because it started on April 1.

The seniors are Kimberly Creque, Sabrina Doan, Leeanna Earp, Dana Hunt-Locklear, Shenandoah Lowery, Larry Parker and Mary Zanders.

It is a senior show to highlight the artist’s talents and achievements in their most recent work. Art major students must participate in this capstone to graduate.

The work is either titled or untitled, the medium is listed and the date of creation. Each student’s artwork is created and unique to their own taste.

Creque’s concept revolves around processing, recycling and reusing elements from one piece to the next one. Each of those mediums tie into each other.

Doan’s artwork experiments with different printmaking techniques through aquatic themes. Several of her works include a character with special taste.

Earp uses her art to reflect their passion for nature, wildlife and psychology.

Their current work focuses on self-identity, personal expression and the natural world.

Hunt-Locklear’s works increase the dynamic between the audience and creator by objectifying emotions. To be fueled by their surrounding environment and emotions that are explored.

Lowery gets their inspiration from listening to music, reading a book and more. One of their works is a ceramic flower vase that was created in 2022.

Parker’s work can be playful and fun because he wants other people to enjoy it as well. The art pieces of Parker’s exhibition are a series called Charlie’s Angels. The overall theme of the series is called representation.

“My senior experience has been a good one. I am continuing to learn many things that I will take with me beyond graduation, and I have also interacted with many people that continue to make my experience even better,” Parker said.

The panel consisted of three paintings of a woman that represented the subject of either race, mental health or sexuality.

These are ideas that Parker thinks need to be represented and some things that he believes can be talked about even more.

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