Love-Locked Escape Room


Shelby Perry stands in front of the banner for the escape room. PN/ Photo Christopher Machine

By: Christopher Machine

The Performing Arts Center brought “locked in love” to a new height with their escape room. The day following Valentine’s Day, PAC hosted two escape rooms from 1-5p.m. for those looking to test both their love and their minds. The rooms contained more puzzles to solve than actual escape rooms, but that didn’t stop participants from having fun.

Escape room attendant sophomore Shelby Perry said that over 30 people attended in the short time that the escape rooms were in operation.

The two rooms had different themes and goals. The first room was the romance room, which entailed trying to open a locked box by observing various valentine’s day themed clues to find the codes. The second escape room was the crime room and was more popular, Perry said.

The premise of the crime room was that you were a detective hired by the mafia and had to identify the bodies of two hitmen between a list of suspects. Both rooms had a fifteen minute timer and at the end the escape room director would see how far along you were to solve the puzzle.

Georges Friedli went into the crime room to test his luck.

“The room was thought provoking while still feeling as though the escape room was manageable and fun, only having gripes with the small time limit,” Friedli said.

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