New Agriscience Program Creates Opportunities


    By: Anais Hernandez Castilla, Campus News Editor

    UNCP opens the door to new career chances with the opening of their new program. Agriscience is solely focused on the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Industry. Through the new program at UNCP many students will gain hands-on experience in many aspects such as technical, mechanical and academic knowledge and skills in a variety of areas within animal and plant science as well as natural resources.

    In a newsletter posted on the UNCP page, Katina Oxedine, who had earned a Fine Arts Degree decided to return to UNCP to pursue a second degree in biology with a concentration in agriculture. This will later lead her to return to campus and use her passions for medicinal plant research to start a new agriculture science program. The agriscience program will lead students in developing different skills within agriculture and the science behind it.

    The agriscience program at UNCP will be a great contribution to our students who seek a route on science and agriculture and are looking to expand

    on their leadership or business skills that could lead them to becoming the next big thing.

    The new Agriscience program allows students to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with an Emphasis in Agriculture.

    “This broadens the career opportunities for students once they graduate. Students can pursue careers in biology or agriculture.” said Dr. Bryan Sales, a Biology professor.

    Agriculture is an applied science that gives students opportunities to apply biology, chemistry, physics and art. No matter the interest, plants, animals, hydroponics, greenhouse production; or just learning to grow your own food, the department has something for everyone.

    “I have never met anyone who has studied agriculture and regretted it. There is something about agriculture that may not only prepare students for careers in agriculture but also in everyday life skills,” Sales said.

    To get more information about the agriscience program, students can check it out on the UNCP website through the biology page.

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