Squid Game Keeps Viewers On Edge


Lee Jung-jae (No. 456) is a man in a deadly competition in the Netflix drama “Squid Game.” (Youngkyu Park/Netflix/TNS).

By: Anayah Peterson

A South Korean Drama about surviving to win the biggest prize. Filled with horrors as the games are life or death. This story contains spoilers.

The new TV series has attracted viewers since Netflix released it worldwide on Sept. 17.

CNN said Squid Game is number one on Netflix’s Top Ten list. Squid Game was directed in South Korea and is available in English dubbed.

Squid Game is about 456 contestants who play one game each day as they race to win the prize of $45.6 billion dollars. The participants must win the game to move on to the next one. Failing a game will lead them to death.

The series is filled with gruesome scenes that keep viewers content. The games contestants play are related to children’s games; however, they have a deadly twist.

There are two games from the show that is currently trending on Tiktok. The first one is based on a children’s game called “Red Light, Green Light.” Where contestants are gunned down on the spot.

The other game would be Steppingstones. Players must guide themselves through glass tiles.

Content Creators on TikTok are creating their own version of “Red Light, Green Light.” With different twists of people dancing to a song they can’t resist or shoving someone over. It is also a filter that people can use to play against friends.

Squid Game is having issues currently with plagiarism. According to a few sources: Republic World and We Got This Covered, the TV Series is similar to several films. It is part of a sub genre for storytelling about survival dramas like Hunger Games, As The Gods Will and Battle Royale.

Clovaria Jefferys, a junior, really enjoyed watching Squid Game and was a huge fan of the show.

“I have been telling everyone about the show whenever I get a chance. It held my attention for all of the episodes, but the ending really threw me off,” Jefferys said.

There were points in the show that she thought she had figured something out. Then the complete opposite would happen. Jefferys loved that about the show. She is happy that the show is gaining lots of attention on TikTok and other social media sites.

Squid Game currently only has one season with nine episodes. There has been no talk of another season yet. According to Elle, a magazine, Squid Game was announced in 2019. It took two years for the series itself to be released on Netflix.

Mar Walker, a sophomore, enjoyed watching Squid Game.

“I like that they were put in the same situation. If they played or not, they were going to die anyway because of their financial situation,” Walker said.

If Walker had a chance to participate in the game, he said that he would do it.

Many people are hoping to see a second season if possible.

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