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Exterior of the Health Services building that houses the Counseling and Psychological Services. PN Photo/ Madison Long

The Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers UNCP students many resources and services. It is located on the second floor of the Braves Health Center — behind the Health Science building and across from Courtyard Apartments.

During their first appointment, students discuss the current situation they are facing and then the counselors decide which service is best.

One sign to be concerned about in yourself or in a friend is any possible eating disorder. This can be shown by fear of gaining weight, paying very close attention to food or dieting or even taking diet pills. Other situations to be concerned about include signs of depression, drug/alcohol use and potential suicide.

There is never a wrong time to seek help. There are a lot of support programs available, however, the therapy dog option is no longer provided at UNCP.

CAPS offers group therapy sessions and workshops. This allows students with similar concerns to talk and work through their situations together. These groups meet weekly and give participants the opportunity to give each other feedback and advice.

There is also therapeutic yoga that helps people maintain emotional and physical wellness, as well as individual counseling.

Both options help people gain skills on how to effectively approach life stresses and new challenges. These sessions are a positive first experience in therapy that will transition students either to participate in long-term group work or to continue individually.

CAPS also offers students a referral to outside services if they are leaving Pembroke and can no longer attend on-campus appointments, or if a student prefers to work outside of CAPS.

CAPS is committed to providing students the best service that will meet their needs. For emergencies, crisis resources are available at 910.521.6202 or at 910.521.6235.

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