Clinton Tour Makes Stop at UNCP


Photo by Catherine George

Bill Clinton made a stop at UNCP as part of the “Stronger Together” bus tour in North Carolina.

The tour to promote the candiadate Hilary Clinton’s plans for the future and encourage students to vote early before the Election Day.

The event was hosted by SGA and SGA President Logan John spoke.

In Bill Clinton’s speech, he spoke on how the Clinton administration will update the rural areas and infrastructures. He also talked about the mess of the election and how it differs from any other election.

Lumbee Chairman Harvey Godwin Jr. opened up the event and talked about the support Clinton has shown to the Lumbee Tribe and his excitement with hearing him speak.

He also used the event as a platform to discuss his hopes in getting the Lumbee Tribe federally recognized.

Democrat Debra Ross, who is running for U.S. Senate in N.C. and Dan Blue, who is running for NC State Treasure, also opened for Clinton.

While there, Ross yelled the mantra many democrats, including the president, has said at rallies: “Don’t boo, vote.” In Blue’s speech he talked about his familiarity with the area and the changes he hopes to make financially for the state of N.C.

Before getting to the campus Former President Clinton made a stop in Lumberton to visit the Red Cross members and victims of Hurricane Matthew.

Clinton last visited the campus in 2008, campaigning for his wife Hilary Clintomn when she ran against Barack Obama.

The Clinton Family and the Obamas were travelling all over North Carolina to encourage African Americans and Hispanics to vote.

The stakes were high with North Carolina being a key battleground state.

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